Consecutive interpreting

Do you need interpretation for Slovak or international participants in a business meeting, negotiations or opening speech? Choose consecutive interpretation. The interpreter listens to a short section of the original speech then translates it into the required language.

Simultaneous interpreting

If you want to interpret into one or more foreign languages for conferences, congresses, lectures or training, we recommend simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter translates the speech simultaneously with the speaker, usually requiring interpreting equipment.

For this type of interpretation, it is always necessary to have two interpreters alternating at regular intervals, approximately every 20 to 30 minutes.

With the technical equipment we can perform either traditional booth interpreting or relay-translation, i.e. interpreting through a third language. Without technical equipment we can perform simultaneous chuchotage (interpretation by whispering) or interpreting from a document.

Interpreting equipment

We also provide interpreting equipment for simultaneous interpreting, such as an interpreting booth, headphones for participants, microphones, wiring the room for sound, as well as other aids.

Official interpreting

Do you need an interpreter for a wedding or a court hearing? We can provide you with an interpreter with a court stamp who is authorized to provide official interpreting services.