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CAT tools

Computer assisted translation

CAT (computer-assisted translation or computer-aided translation) is a translation that leverages computer software to assist the translator during his or her work. These application (e.g. Trados, SDLX, Transit, Wordfast, Passolo etc.) are used to develop a translation memory, which then helps to speed up and simplify the work of a translator. During a computer-assisted translation, the computer application only helps the translator, it does not replace the translator. The most attractive benefit of such CAT tools is matching terminology. CAT tools also provide excellent support for a wide range of file formats. Using these tools we are able to localize websites and translate source code for software using native formats; we are also able to work with DTP software formats, etc.

Of course, the greatest benefits of using CAT tools during a translation are the unified terminology and the cost saving benefits they provide.


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Our translation services cover a wide range of professional fields including economics and finance, law, technical specializations, tourism, medicine and many others. We would also like to draw your attention to our translations of websites and portals with international focus.

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